Only the most superior choice fits the occasion of lifelong devotion. And so when it comes to engagement rings, it's only thoughtful to go all out and outdo yourself. At Fernbaugh's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry in Walkerton, we recognize the significance of this special moment and offer an enthralling selection of rings meant to sweep your fiancé off their feet.

Introducing the SallyK Engagement Ring: A Tribute to Love

Our Walkerton store has an exclusive diamond cut called the "SallyK," only available at Fernbaugh's. The story behind these rings is as magical and sweet as your love story- This unique cut is a tribute to our owner's mother, Sally. The SallyK rings have intricate facets that speak to the complex threads of love that bind us. With a SallyK ring, you're not just selecting a diamond – you're embracing a legacy of love. How beautiful!

Discover Custom Creations: Your Love, Your Design

An extraordinary love story calls for a truly remarkable Engagement ring. Expert artisans design bespoke engagement rings embodying the distinctiveness of your love story. You have much to choose from, from classic solitaire settings to elaborate halo designs. Our specialists shepherd you through the customization process to produce a ring fully embodying your love.

Lab Created Diamonds: Ethical Elegance

Fernbaugh cherishes both your love and environmental conservation. Conceding nothing in terms of beauty, our lab-created diamonds give you an ethical and stunning choice. Harnessing the advanced methods of their creation, these diamonds attest to nature's beauty. By choosing a lab-created diamond, you get to give a loved one a dazzling gem and contribute to a more conscious way of living.

Choose Your Center Stone: Craft a Story

Enhance the magic of your engagement ring with the fitting center stone. Brimming with diverse gems and diamonds, our assortment of jewels serves as a vessel for love stories waiting to be unfurled. Your choice of center stone, be it a brilliant diamond or a vibrant sapphire, will be a timeless memento of your decision to say "yes."

Semi-Set Engagement Rings: Unveil Your Forever

Exquisite styles meet exceptional quality in our collection of elegant semi-set engagement rings. These rings have diamonds partially set within the bands to add beauty to the main stone. The result is a breathtaking creation that encapsulates the path of unknown possibilities you are about to journey with the love of your life.

Your Journey Begins Now

We understand the significance of selecting a ring representing such a profound commitment. Dive into our catalog, get lost in our lore, and craft an expression of love that transcends the ages. We will lead you through this memorable experience and help you make your "I do" moment nothing less than extraordinary.

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