incentives at fernbaughs jewelers in plymouth

We offer you a private room where you can receive a special consultation on your choice of diamonds to be set in that favorite ring. You'll appreciate the comfort you feel and the education you receive during this time. We'll help you with your all-important and exciting selection while discussing the 4 C's of your investment.

Feeling confident

Fernbaugh's gives added value to every purchase you make.  When you select your jewelry at Fernbaugh's you'll rest assured knowing that you, Fernbaugh's and your ring are the perfect fit.  We give you the extras that other jewelers charge on top of your purchase.

With your purchase you'll receive:

  • No Nonsense Pricing - No Secrets here. 
  • Trade-in-policy - Always an option. 
  • Free Written Appraisal - Convenience for you. Free Ring Sizing - No guess work. 
  • Free Soldering of wedding sets - keeping you together. 
  • Free Rhodium Plating - keeping you looking good.

You'll leave and come back time and again. Feeling Special