From concept to reality, let our jewelry designers craft a piece of jewelry that will be cherished and desired for generations!

At Fernbaugh's Diamonds & Fine Jewelers, we believe jewelry is an expression of your personality and everyone deserves a piece of jewelry that is special and unique. Our in-house jewelry designers and goldsmiths are inspired by this ideology, designing and crafting a piece that is as special and unique as you are. Our artisans enable you to bring your ideas and dreams to life in a piece of jewelry that was designed just for you; a piece that you will treasure and will be proud to pass down to future generations. If you're looking to design a custom engagement ring, earrings or necklace, or if you want to restyle an out-of-date piece, our jewelers will make the process an enjoyable experience you'll never forget come try us.


Along with jewelry repair and custom design, our goldsmiths and designers specialize in restyling your old jewelry that is rarely worn by using it to create a piece of jewelry that you'll be static to put on every day. You could sell your jewelry that is out-of-date or that you don't like, but you get little compared to its value restyling is a great way preserve the value of these jewels while transforming their style. We've restyled everything from engagement rings to heirloom pieces by revitalizing and injecting new life into them. Oftentimes, heirloom jewelry isn't worn and it just sits in a dark jewelry box, let us help you change that. Our jewelers can take that prized heirloom diamond ring and create earrings, a pendant or anything your mind can imagine! Take the time and thought to make heirlooms our next generation will cherish.

The Custom Design Process

Our goldsmiths are truly local artisans at work. Their ability to craft some of the most complicated and intricate custom jewelry designs from a single sketch is sure to charm and impress even a beginning jewelry collector. With decades of combined experience, they will help your dream vision come to life. You are involved with our team in each step in the process, allowing you to discuss changes and ideas so that we ensure your dream piece of jewelry is perfect!

Phase I: Design Consultation

Our custom process begins with an initial consultation where we assist in putting your ideas and inspirations to paper. The ideas and plans set in this consultation will soon be directly translated into your dream piece of jewelry.

Phase II: Jewelry Designer's Sketch

One of our jewelry designers will now sit down and sketch out designs based on your ideas. You will review these sketches and make adjustments prior to moving on to the next step. The sketch allows us to provide a price quote and time frame for completion. Once a sketch is provided we use a computer assist design program to build a 3D image of your ring.

Phase III: Wax Mold Creation & Approval

Once model of the created for your jewelry. The model is used to create a mold of your dream design. Diamonds and gems will be set into the mold to give the wearer a beautiful wax replica of the soon-to-be finished piece.

Phase IV: Hand Casting & Finishing

One of our highly-trained goldsmiths will cast the piece and spend days hand-setting the gems and perfecting the finish. Each piece to them is a labor of love, and the time and care given to our custom-process is reflected in every finished piece!

Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.) generated by our goldsmith

Customer's finished product

Before and After of customer's redone wedding set

Customer's original wedding ring (left) and custom remade version (right)
Custom two-stone ring with customer's own emeralds
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