Since 1933, holiday shoppers have turned to Fernbaugh's Diamonds & Fine Jewelry in Plymouth IN for diamond jewelry near me. Through the decades, we've been especially pleased to assist many people looking for wedding and engagement ring options that are sure to impress. Now, you can shop with us online or in person at our beautiful showroom. Either way, you'll find excellent service as well as quality stones and metals from our well-regarded jewelry store.

Attention to Detail Always Wins

No matter whether you're looking for earrings for your sister, selecting among bracelets for your wife or considering necklaces that your mother might like, quality matters. We offer silver, yellow gold, white gold and platinum mounts for diamonds and other stones. Our experienced team of jewelers can help you decide on the right metal type and stone shape to make the best impression. You can help by telling us what you've noticed your loved one wearing. It's just as important to help us understand what you've never seen her wearing too.

For Diamonds, Consider the Four Cs

Choosing the right diamond comes down to understanding the cut, color, carat and clarity you want. The best cuts reflect light well, and the best diamonds are completely colorless. Lower grades of diamonds can be yellowish. Carat is simply a measurement of the diamond's weight. For clarity, look for a diamond with few inclusions. These flaws form when crystals are trapped in a diamond during its formation, and they can't be corrected by a jeweler. We offer a range of fine diamond choices to fit every budget and that will look great on just about anyone.

When you get to know Fernbaugh's Diamonds & Fine Jewelry in Plymouth IN, you'll find that we offer an expansive range of pieces for everyone on your holiday shopping list. We also offer something else valuable: expert service backed by years of experience. You can rely on the quality of diamond jewelry we provide, and you can rely on our friendly guidance and advice as well.

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