Even the most well-taken care of jewelry is helpless when it comes to the wear and tear brought about by time. It could be a cherished family heirloom looking to be passed down, an engagement ring symbolizing love, or a bracelet marking a special occasion; every piece tells a unique story. When this happens, you'll need to visit a Jewelry Store. Now, are there any around in Warsaw? Yes. The magnificent Fernbaugh's Jewelers.

We at Fernbaugh's Jewelers understand just how much these jewelry pieces mean to you, and that's why we have dedicated jewelry repair services in Warsaw to bring new life to your treasures.

Comprehensive Repair Services

Your jewelry may need a little bit of this and that, some special tools and skills to restore it to its original glory. You'll find various services and skilled artisans at our store to handle this delicate task. Some of our specialized services include:

  1. Accent Stone Replacement: We understand that losing an accent stone can be disheartening. Our artisans can seamlessly replace missing stones, ensuring your jewelry looks as beautiful as ever.
  2. Pearl Restringing: Pearls are delicate and require careful handling. Our experts are skilled in restringing pearls to preserve that lustrous look that makes them so elegant.
  3. Soldering and Prong Retipping: This one is for jewelry with intricate designs or fragile settings; our soldering and prong re-tipping services guarantee that your pieces stay secure and stunning.
  4. Chain and Clasp Repair: Chains and clasps are vulnerable to wear and tear. Our professionals can skillfully repair or replace them and restore the functionality and, more so, the aesthetics of your jewelry.
  5. Ring Resizing and Rhodium Replating: When your ring becomes a little big for your finger or a little small, we can do a size adjustment for it. Also, when it starts looking dull, bring it in for fresh rhodium plating for that dazzling finish.

The Fernbaugh's Jewelers Difference

Now, what sets Fernbaugh's Jewelers apart from other jewelry stores in Hot Springs? Apart from handling all your jewelry repairs, we have a Lifetime Plan that covers your center stone against future damages. There are days when we just get clumsy, you know.

More Than Just Repair

Do we do more than repair? You bet! We have a jaw-dropping collection of exquisite engagement rings. We are talking about uniquely crafted pieces with intricate details and exceptional artistry. Explore our most popular solitaire-style rings, the halo, and side stone designs. We even have oval-shaped ones if you're going for something sassy! The diamond carats range between 0.75 and 1.

Once you've found one that snatches your soul, we will personalize it with any engravings you like.

Visit Us Today

If you've been sitting on damaged or worn jewelry, dig in your trunk or cabinet and bring it to our Jewelry Store in Warsaw, Indiana. Once we restore or repair it, you'll not want to take it off.

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