The right engagement ring can make a very personal and individual statement, both for the giver and the receiver. If your beloved has a favorite gemstone, you can choose a ring with space both for a diamond and another stone, such as a sapphire. No matter what style of ring or stones you prefer, Fernbaugh's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry can help you find the perfect ring.

Choosing a Unique Gem

Nearly half of all engagement diamonds are round. If your intended has their heart set on a round diamond, you can find a wide variety at Fernbaugh's! You can also review many other options, such as the elegant pear. Oval diamonds lend themselves beautifully to a halo surround of tiny stones.

Determining Your Carat Choice

Most engagement diamonds run between .75 and 1 carat. If you want something larger, you may want to consider a ring that features a lab-created diamond.

Diamonds created in a lab are formed under the same conditions as diamonds formed in the earth. Extreme heat and pressure turn carbon into diamonds. However, lab-created diamonds offer the benefit of being more predictable, a bit less costly, and easier on the environment.

Make no mistake, a diamond created in a lab is a real diamond. Only a skilled jeweler with the right viewing equipment can tell the difference between a gem created in a lab and one mined from the earth.

Selecting Your Metal

Before you choose the metal for an engagement ring, it's a good idea to look at the metals that the intended wearer generally wears. If your spouse-to-be generally wears silver or white gold, then a yellow gold band may not suit, no matter how lovely the stone and setting.

The most popular metal for engagement rings is white gold. It works well with silver and will serve as a wonderful backdrop for your chosen gems. Once you've made sure that your intended will be able to wear their engagement ring easily with all of their other jewelry, it's time to check out the Fernbaugh's website or stop into our store in Rochester.

Our team of jewelry experts is delighted to help you choose the perfect ring!


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