Do you have a loose or tight ring in your jewelry box? How about a broken bracelet or necklace? Are your earrings in perfect condition, or does your watch need repair? Fernbaugh's Diamonds Fine Jewelry in Bremer can help refurbish your beloved jewelry pieces so you can enjoy them for a prolonged period. When looking for jewelry stores near Bremer, avoiding trusting your valuables to anybody is essential. Instead, it would help if you considered searching for a reputable, honest, and experienced local jeweler. Here, our experts have the skills, and we take the time to talk with you about essential jewelry repairs and maintenance.

Frequent Jewelry Inspections

While many overlook their jewelry until a problem arises, it's essential to recognize that everyday wear and tear necessitate regular inspections. For example, your ring is susceptible to loosening due to constant contact with clothing and other surfaces. Since replacing a ring can be more expensive than repairing one, it's wise to have your jewelry inspected twice a year to ensure it maintains its optimal condition. Our jewelry stores boast highly trained experts who can proficiently identify any issues with your jewelry pieces. Our professionals assess for faulty prongs, loose gemstones, and other potential defects. Jewelry inspection is just one of our many services to ensure your jewelry retains its value and beauty.

Expert Jewelry Cleaning

As a jewelry owner, you might believe cleaning your jewelry at home is sufficient. However, it's worth noting that at-home cleaning provides a different level of care and expertise than professionals offer. Consider the daily activities your engagement ring endures, from cooking and cleaning to working and more. While DIY solutions can be helpful, they often can't completely reverse the effects of everyday wear and tear. Fernbaugh's Diamonds Fine Jewelry offers professional cleaning services to reveal your jewelry's innate beauty. Whether you choose our standard cleaning, intermediate treatment, or expert cleaning service, we work diligently to preserve the value of your jewelry.

What Can We Fix?

Many often wonder, 'Is it possible to repair a damaged ring?' The answer is yes. With our expertise and experience, we excel in transforming your unwanted or defective jewelry into wearable pieces. Our services include repairing necklaces and chains, restringing beads and pearls, re-tipping and replacing ring prongs, resizing and soldering rings, and polishing and cleaning.

Where To Buy the Best Jewelry in Bremer

If you're looking for the best jewelry store in Bremer, consider visiting Fernbaugh's Diamonds Fine Jewelry. We're known for our exceptional service and high-quality jewelry.
Brian Van Duyne