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Find the Perfect Engagement Ring at Fernbaugh’s Jewelers

It’s time to pop that extremely important question, and you have never been more excited than you are right now! You’ve thought long and hard about how to propose to your loved one- what you will say, where you will be, what you will do. But first, it’s imperative to have the right engagement ring to give to your loved one on this all-important day. After all, it’s a piece of jewelry she will be wearing for many years to come! When it’s time to ask for her hand in marriage, come to Fernbaugh’s Jewelers to browse our huge selection of gorgeous engagement rings.  

Consider the Style When Building your Ring

We can help you pick out the right engagement ring that will make your loved one swoon with delight. Our jewelry experts in Winamac, Indiana are always on hand to help you choose the perfect style for your soon-to-be-wife. Remember, an engagement ring is a very personal item, so you want to make sure you know what you are doing. We’re here to help! The first step will be to narrow down the type of metal of the band. You can choose traditional yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or silver. Next will be the shape of the actual diamond. Does your loved one prefer a traditional look? If so, consider a round cut diamond. You can also choose from the following shapes-oval, princess, pear, round, or even a cluster of diamonds. 
When you are looking for engagement rings, Fernbaugh’s Jewelers will help you understand the “4 C’s” of ring shopping. The 4 C’s refer to the cut, carat, color, and clarity of the ring. The cut of the piece refers to the different angles and proportions of the stone. The better cuts will reflect more light through the facets of the diamond. Carat refers to how heavy the stone is. As a general rule, heavier stones will cost more. The diamond is rated by color, with D being colorless, Z being light yellow, and many other colors in-between the two. Finally, the clarity denotes the inclusions found in the stone; the fewer inclusions, the better the clarity of the ring. 

Visit us in Plymouth IN

Come on out to Fernbaugh’s Jewelers when you want to browse through a truly extensive collection of stunning engagement rings. We’ll help you find the perfect ring to give to your future bride.