The love of your life is one in a million, and your engagement ring should reflect that. Fernbaugh’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry specializes in creating engagement rings that show the wearer’s personality. With our diverse lineup of stackable bands, you can mix and match bands, gems and cuts to create a ring that will make her say, “I do!”

The Colors of Love

All the bands in our store come in 10K and 14K, meaning our gold bands are mixed with other sturdy metals. With these bands, your ring will be strong and less likely to get scratched or scuffed. Our bands come in colors of classic white, modern rose gold, and yellow for the pure gold look. We have a collection of gems that range from the colorful blue topaz and pink tourmaline to the sparkling diamond and emerald. You can customize them to tell your lover’s birth month, the month you met, or a link to a personal memory you two share. Whatever colors you choose, it will be like her: distinct and beautiful.stackable band

The Form and Security of the Stone

How the stones are structured and set in a stackable band are just as important as the stones themselves. We will help you find the cut that fits your love’s personal style. For the classy, elegant woman, a round cut will fit nicely. A square cut will show off her fun-loving side. The teardrop will catch everyone’s eye with its unique shape. The most popular cut, the princess, will make her feel like she has been crowned queen of your heart. To securely set the stones in the band for better durability, the bezel setting is a great choice. If she prefers a ring that shines brilliantly in the light, choose the prong setting that mounts the gem.

Stackable Bands in Plymouth IN

To start creating the perfect ring for your intended with a stackable band, visit Fernbaugh’s in our Plymouth, IN location. We will guide you through the creation process and make sure the finished product is as special as she is.


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