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Our new specialty diamond cut, The “SallyK”, is here and only available at Fernbaugh's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry. We named this beautiful diamond after our owner’s mother, Sally. We chose this name not only because we all loved Sally, but because of the romantic story of her marriage. 

Sally and Oris McGuire met during her freshman, his sophomore, year at Logansport High School. She didn’t really want to go out with him at first, but he was persistent. Eventually, she agreed to go out with him. Much to her surprise, she instantly liked him and forgot all about the other boys vying for her affections. 

After graduating in 1956, Oris enlisted in the Marines and was stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California. Sally made the trip to California to see him in February of 1959. The high school sweethearts traveled to San Francisco where Oris proposed on Valentine's Day on iconic Lombard Street. The two were married exactly one year later on Valentine’s Day 1960. Not long after that, they started their family. Their first child, Derek, was born in 1961 and their daughter Lori in 1964. They were married for 59 years. 

After the service, Oris went to work for his uncle, a watchmaker who ran a jewelry store in Flora, Indiana. Oris became interested in watchmaking and went on to study horology, the science of measuring time and building instruments to keep time, at Bradley University in Illinois. From there, he went to work for Earl and Geraldine Fernbaugh at the flagship store in Logansport. From there, the McGuire family was fully immersed in the jewelry industry. Sally and Oris took over the Logansport store in 1982. Their daughter, Lori, started working with and learning from her parents at the store as a teenager. Today, both of their children run a Fernbaugh’s location with Derek in Logansport and Lori in Plymouth. 

Like a lot of children, Lori and Derek didn’t know their parents' love story until they were much older but, better late than never! Learning about her parents’ romance is what inspired Lori to name our new diamond cut after her mother. Sally and Oris loved the jewelry business, and loved each other even more. 

More than 80 years in the jewelry business has shown us that if you want something a cut above the rest, make it yourself. So we did! The SallyK is our spin on the classic round brilliant cut. It offers customers a classic and timeless round shape but we've added additional facets to the crown and pavilion for a total of 89. These diamonds have an eye-catching sparkle like you've never seen.


Just as Sally was skeptical of Oris, it’s fair to be unsure about a new diamond cut. But if you give SallyK a shot, you’ll be surprised how much you like it. Whether you’re shopping for a diamond pendant or an engagement ring, choose a diamond with a romantic story. SallyK, because love is multi-faceted.