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Visit us in Plymouth IN to build your perfect custom diamond engagement ring.

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Quality jewelry store services provides for a variety of customer needs. These go beyond just selling you a necklace, watch, or bracelet from a case in the jewelry store. That is what we provide our customers.

Diamond Jewelry Services

Jewelers connect you with quality pieces, assess what you have, and can help you plan for going forward. There are services to help through various stages of your life, and these encompass a wide range of tastes and budgets as well. One of the services that is the first real contact for many people with jewelers is the purchase of an engagement ring, which is something that the experts at our diamond store are well-versed in assisting buyers to do. Buying this special piece of jewelry is typically a significant life event, and it represents a sizable investment for many. That is why it is so important to work with a jeweler that one trusts to get the perfect ring.

Jewelry services also include jewelry appraisals. A good jeweler can assist in determining a piece's value, which can be useful in either resale or insurance purposes. Another aspect of customer services provided is that of purchasing jewelry. That can include engagement rings, wedding bands, or other family heirloom pieces. Sometimes, selling an old piece can mean enabling the purchase of a beautiful, new one.

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Custom Jewelry

What one desires is not always in a display case, either. That is why there is custom jewelry creation, which allows for the purchaser to tailor an item to match a piece to their tastes and budget. Sometimes, an item does not fit perfectly. That can be true whether the piece is a family heirloom, freshly purchased, or has been owned for a little while. Professional ring resizing allows the piece to fit neatly and comfortably on the finger.

Our diamond store serves the needs of clients in the Warsaw area. From purchasing your first diamond to restringing your grandmother's string of pearls to gift to your daughter, we have you covered at each stage of your jewelry needs.

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