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Gold is valuable and beautiful to have as one's looks opulent. Stores ask people to sell their gold and give them cash in return. When you go to the store to sell your gold, you can have it in many forms, e.g., rings chains, bracelets, anklets, earrings, etc. Gold retains value despite the number of years it has existed.

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Gold may look dull; however, that does not necessarily mean that it has lost its value, it has just lost its shine, and once polished it looks as good as new and therefore marketable.

When gold is on consignment, the Jeweler ensures that there is are no hidden charges to sell on your behalf to a willing customer at market value price. In the case of consignment, there are no additional fees on the sale of the gold. The gold belongs to the owner and not the Jeweler until sold to the new owner.

When choosing if to be on consignment, the most critical question to ask is if the shipment is appropriate for you as the owner before handing to the Jeweler. What is the guarantee that the gold will not be switched to one of lower quality? Some jewelers are known to be very intelligent and change customers' gold with lower quality, thus fetching low returns from the sale. In the process, they sell high-quality gold and get higher returns. Fernbaugh's Jewelers are, however, different, and most of the gold owners trust them.

Fernbaugh's Jewelers respond to this fraud by shooting a laser into the gold, capturing a reflection of the fingerprint on the gold to act as protection and identification of the gold. A seller can keep confirming the safety of the gold by making visits and inspecting the gold to prove ownership.

Once a buyer purchases the gold, you will be sure of the return s of the gold as it shall be the value of the gold that you took to the Jeweler.

Fernbaugh's Jewelers are Jewelers of mean repute available in many localities they enhance you to sell your gold in the area as they are also genuine.


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