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Expert On-Site Jewelry Repair

Our expert on-site jewelry repair service offers the perfect solution. Whether it's a simple cleaning, a complex restoration, or anything in between, our skilled technicians handle each item with the utmost care and precision. Experience the convenience of in-store service as we bring the brilliance back to your beloved jewelry.

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Jewelry Stores Servicing Bremen, Indiana

Ideally, an engagement ring is for a lifetime. So, not only should shoppers have a wide selection from which to choose but they should also have a reliable store that keeps the ring in excellent condition. After all, rings undergo wear and tear like anything else, and need maintenance to keep them intact and brilliant. In addition, fingers undergo changes with the years so fit must be adjusted in some cases. Recognizing these realities, it makes sense to employ a jeweler in the Bremen, Indiana vicinity. More so, it is important that the jeweler stand by its own engagement rings.

Engagement Rings Near Bremen Indiana

Fernbaugh's Diamonds & Fine Jewelry backs up all of its engagement ring sales with a lifetime warranty. These range from the widely affordable to the more exclusive rings. Buyers can choose rings right from our on-site inventory or, alternatively, elect to order custom-made designs. Among the offerings at Fernaugh's are lab diamond engagement rings -- diamonds found beneath the earth are actually replicated under laboratory conditions, leaving no material difference with diamonds from mines. Meanwhile, the stones for semi-set rings run from .25 carats to 1.5 carats. The Sally K rings are on the high-end of the price range and offer financing for six months.

Jewelry Repair Services for Bremen Indiana

In addition to lifetime warranties and repairs, Fernbaugh's Diamonds & Fine Jewelry makes jewelry insurance available to customers in the event of theft, accidental loss and/or destruction. Appraisals and valuations are also options. Such benefits go far in establishing Fernbaugh's as the premiere jeweler in Plymouth and the Bremen area. Whether oval cut, round halo, or yellow gold criss-cross style, rings are assured of detailed care and attention for as long as the bride chooses. This jeweler goes the extra distance so customers can enjoy peace of mind about their keepsake and investment.

With engagement rings are on the list, wedding bands will follow close behind. At Fernbaugh's, the wedding bands for women and men have inlays like Rye Barrel, Cabernet Grain and copper. Tungsten and cobalt are common band components. Specialists are ready and waiting to advise on engagement rings and other jewelry.