Flourish by Fernbaugh's 14K White Gold Lab Grown Diamond Halo-Style Engagement Ring

SKU: 100-00879

14K White Gold
1.03 Carat Round Center Lab Grown Diamond
1.53 Carat Total Weight Lab Grown Diamonds
Size: 6.5

This enchanting lab grown diamond ring is the perfect way to start your happily ever after and make her your queen. With a 1.03 carat round diamond center and a beautiful halo this timeless design is sure to impress for many years to come. And remember, lab grown diamonds are still diamonds and the magnificent sparkle of this ring will never let you forget that!

**Please note, this product is not currently in stock at our store. It is available by special order only. Price may vary depending on gold prices.

About Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have the exact same physical and chemical make up as a mined diamond, they're just grown in a lab rather than in the ground. They are still a diamond! Going lab grown allows customers to spend a little less and get a higher quality or larger size diamond compared to a mined diamond at the same price. Stop in to check out our selection of lab grown diamond jewelry today!