Flourish by Fernbaugh's 14KY Three-Stone Hoop Earrings with Lab Grown Oval Cut Diamonds

SKU: 150-02015

1.50 CTW LAB GROWN diamonds
14k yellow gold

These dazzling Flourish by Fernbaugh's earrings feature 1.50 CTW of lab grown diamonds, carefully set in 14k yellow gold. The three oval cut diamonds per earring create a stunning and unique look, perfect for any occasion. With a hinged hoop design, these earrings are both elegant and practical.

About Lab Grown Diamonds:

Lab grown diamonds have the exact same physical and chemical make up as a mined diamond, they're just grown in a lab rather than in the ground. They are still a diamond! Going lab grown allows customers to spend a little less and get a higher quality or larger size diamond compared to a mined diamond at the same price. Stop in to check out our selection of lab grown diamond jewelry today!