Flourish by Fernbaugh's 14KW Lab Grown Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

SKU: 170-00297

8.12 Carat Total Weight LAB GROWN Diamonds
14K White Gold

Flaunt your timeless elegance with Flourish by Fernbaugh's Tennis Bracelet. This stunning piece features 8.12 carats of LAB GROWN diamonds, expertly set in 14K white gold with a secure locking clasp. 42 round brilliant cuts offer an undeniable sparkle and luxurious touch. Love your style with this sophisticated bracelet.

About Lab Grown Diamonds:

Lab grown diamonds have the exact same physical and chemical make up as a mined diamond, they're just grown in a lab rather than in the ground. They are still a diamond! Going lab grown allows customers to spend a little less and get a higher quality or larger size diamond compared to a mined diamond at the same price. Stop in to check out our selection of lab grown diamond jewelry today!