14KY Gold SallyK Multifaceted Diamond Pendant | Fernbaugh's Jewelers

SKU: 160-00940

14K Yellow Gold
1/10 carat round diamond
18" cable chain

Everyday elegance! This 14K yellow gold pendant features one of our SallyK Multifaceted specialty cut diamonds. 1/10 carat total weight. 18" diamond cut cable chain.

About the Sally K Diamond

Fernbaugh’s new, exclusive specialty diamond cut, the “Sally K” is here. We’ve named it for our owner Lori’s mother, Sally, because we were inspired by the romantic story of her marriage. 

Sally met her husband, Oris, while they were in high school. She didn’t exactly like him at first but agreed to go on one date. Much to her surprise, she instantly liked him! The high school sweethearts got engaged on Valentine’s Day 1959 and were married exactly one year later on Valentine’s Day 1960. They were married for 59 years. 

Just as Sally was skeptical of Oris, it’s fair to be unsure about a new diamond cut. But if you give Sally K a shot, you’ll be surprised how much you like it. Whether you’re shopping for a diamond pendant or an engagement ring, choose a diamond with a romantic story. Love is multi-faceted.